How to install paving stones or interlocking brick

Pavers Installation that will give you the best results.

Many people in Calgary install pavers on a 6-8 inch base of crushed compacted gravel and then set on a 1″ plus base of sand. This method was how I installed pavers for years, until a pavers installer from Vancouver showed me another way and explained what made his way superior. His way was to use the usual base of 6-8 inches of crush base, but instead of putting it all down and compacting it in layers and setting grades with a laser level. His method was the following:

The Pavers Install Process:

1. Install crush base in layers with water and compaction, until your approximately the thickness of your screed bars away from desired height of finished crush base.

pavers calgary

laying a paving stones patio in Calgary

2. Once crush base is tamped, set screed bars on crush base and set to final height, slope etc. using extra crush to hold them in position. (you may need to firmly pack crush around screed bars to hold in place, until step 3)

3.Once done, add enough crush so you can use a straight edge to screed the crush as you would if you were screeding sand.

4. With crush now screeded, soak area moderately and tamp (making sure NOT to hit the screed bars which are still set in crush base!!)

5. Repeat step 4 if any areas compacted more than others. Once the crush is compacted properly and evenly, the base should now be approximately 1/4? lower than the top of the screed bars.

6. Add sand and screed once more, and remove screed bars. Trowel in sand, to fill where screed bars were. Now you have an area ready for laying pavers.

pavers calgary

Paver patio calgary

7. Once pavers are laid and cut in, go around the edge of patio/ driveway etc and use a trowel to cut away any excess sand down to the crush base. Add a bead of concrete all around area on crush base and smooth. this will setup and keep area tight and prevent any movement in the pavers.

8. Once concrete has set, add polymeric sand to fill all gaps and sweep in. Plate tamper the entire area and sweep off any excess sand.

9. Wash paver area as to polymeric sand directions, and let dry.

Paver installation finished!

barkman pavers calgary

Barkman paving stone entry Calgary

The paver installer from Vancouver explained that installing the pavers this way, you have less sand and therefore less chance of movement. I have used this method for the last 15 years, and all my patio’s and driveway’s look as good as the day they were installed.
The Answer: Less Sand = longer and stronger patio/driveway lifespan.




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