Landscape Design & Professional Concepts for your Calgary home

Landscape Design is the best possible way to a good quality landscape. When it comes to getting a design done, many people find it to be abit overwhelming about where to start. That’s where our Calgary landscape designers come in.

The first step is to meet with you and talk about what kind of design you are looking for. This way, we can get a clear idea of what you have in mind. During this visit, we also take a number of measurements to assist us with grades and dimensions. This gives us a better feel for the area we have to work with, and how everything will fit together. During this time, we will use our vast experience to give you the best design we possibly can. We will also ask you for your Calgary Real Property Report and also mention about getting Calgary utilities marked.

After our initial landscape design meeting, we then take all the information and create a computer-generated layout. This will cover the locations of pathways, driveways, patios, lawn, beds & retaining walls etc. By doing this, we are able to give you a representation of the landscape design. We also provide descriptions and breakdowns of the ‘how it is going to be built’ before we start building your design.

By drawing up a design, we are able to portray our thoughts to you. It will be a 2 dimensional design showing all hardscapes, planting beds, retaining-walls etc. Often we will incorporate examples of previous work, this will give you a clearer vision of what we mean. By creating a design it is possible to give you a clear understanding of what we are going to build. This design process helps to iron out any detail ‘wrinkles’ and see how everything fits with your design budget.

What does Our Landscape Design Package Cost ?

Our Consult, Design & Quote Package is $500. This covers everything to get you a complete Design ready to be built.