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Welcome to Our Landscaping Blog. Here you will find a source of information on not only how to create landscapes and concept's like the one's you see in our Landscaping Portfolio, but also why we use the 'tried and tested' methods to get these landscapes to 'stand the test of time'.

12 things about Irrigation you didn’t know

12 things about Irrigation you didn’t know Irrigation zone sizes (number of heads) are governed by the Gallons per minute (G.P.M) and Pounds per Square Inch (P.S.I) from the house. Building your zones to maximum GPM capacity isn’t good. High water consumption on your street can affect your zone running effectiveness ie evening use of dishwashers, showers, other irrigation systems. Always build a zone under capacity by 0.5-1.0 GPM to avoid problems. Always have an external water shutoff on your mainline, and make sure it’s before the blowout connection. An ...

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Spring gardening checklist for your Calgary home.

Gardening around Calgary
Preparing your garden for Spring Now that Christmas is done for another year, and the stores have Easter eggs on the shelves, its time to start thinking about gardening. Yes, when you look out the window, it may be still covered in snow, but it wont be long before that's gone and spring will have arrived and your garden beds and lawn will need attention. We have compiled a list of areas to pay attention to, so you can get that garden back into shape as quick as possible. Clear leaf debris away from shrub bases before leaves come out, also away from perennial ...

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How to lay turf or sod in Calgary

Laying turf or sod The hardest part about laying turf or sod as some like to call it, is the preparation work. The prep work is alot easier if you have good soil. By good soil, we mean low clay, well draining, high organic material, and very few weed seeds. Benefits of Good turf soil prep: uniform growth throughout the lawn area faster recovery from wear in high traffic areas less water, fertilizer and chemicals required healthier looking lawn all round What does a good turf lawn need Turf for your lawn only requires 4 things: sunlight air ...

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How to get great landscaping in Calgary

How to get great landscaping in Calgary? Landscaping is the addition of plants and shrubs, as well as the construction of hardscapes and softscapes around your home or business. It also refers to the designing, planning and overall enhancement of the appearance of your outdoor living space. Landscaping can also cover full new installations or renovations of existing landscapes. Over the years, landscaping has become a much bigger investment to our homes. It can range from creating planting beds and lawn right through to adding hot-tubs, pools and water features as ...

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