Unique landscaping ideas

When we meet with you, and get to know what you are looking for, We then go away and take your landscaping ideas and thoughts and start working with them to make them into a reality.

Quite often the majority of the ideas come from yourselves, and all we do is take our knowledge and tweak a footpath here and the shape of a flowerbed there, to make everything come together.

Sometimes its abit more technical. For example, we were recently approached to build stairs, that went to a landing and then went off in two different directions and to finish at two different levels. That took some creative thinking, especially when we decided to build them to match the paving stone patio in the upper level garden.

First we had to get an idea of how many steps we needed, how wide the tread would be, as well as the rise on each. Once having done this, then we had to fit it all to the shape of the existing wall dimensions. Having figured this out, we then had to work backwards so we could figure out where to start the footings, position the rebar and place the piles.

With the concrete footings built, then we were able to build the cinder block steps, back-filling each with concrete and additional re-bar. Once set and solid, the pavers were laid out in the required design, and cut in. With the paver layout complete, we were then able to glue everything into place.

That gave us the top surfaces complete, all that was left now was to face the front of the blocks with paving stones to tie it all together. This was done by taking many bricks and cutting 1″ veneers off of each side. when doing this we used the two colours that were incorporated in the rest of the hard surfaces. Once we had all the veneers cut and dried, we then went step by step gluing them, in a stagger formation until all the steps visually looked like they had been built in pavers.