Landscaping Products: What goes into our landscapes?

When looking to build a landscape, we realise that you as a homeowner really have no idea what landscaping products you are paying for. Yes, you get a design and a big breakdown of labour, materials and costs. You will probably get a big discussion about ‘how’ it is done, time frames etc.

But wouldn’t it be nice to know what landscaping products we are using.

Below is a detailed breakdown for all the different aspects of a ‘Creative By Design’ landscape, to give you better piece of mind, as to what landscaping products, you are really paying for.

    • Paving Stone Driveway’s, Walkway’s, Patio’s and Brick-edge’s

      Roman Pavers

      Installation: 4-6″(walkways/patio’s), 12″ plus (driveway) soaked compacted crush base, 1/2″ 3mm sand, polymeric-sand tamped finish, edges concreted for additional strength.

      The Roman Paver is our most popular hardscaping products. It is a permeable paver that whilst being a manufactured product still holds on to the Old world appeal. With its hardcrafted ‘tumbled’ appearance, it is easy to get the old country aesthetics with a modern solution.

      This product is available in several different colours:

      • Charcoal
      • Antique Brown
      • Desert Buff
      • Old Town
      • Sierra Grey

      All colours are available in four sizes: 4×8, 6×8, 10×8, 12×8 as well as a circle kit.

      This product works well with the Quarry Wall Stone which have some very similar colours for continuity.

      Also with this paver being without side ridges, and colour all the way through the paver, it makes them a great product for steps, caps and raised edges.

    • Block Walls

      Quarry Stone Wall Blocks

      Installation: 12-16” soaked compacted crush base, 6-12″ compacted crush backing with fabric and drainage, rows glued, geo-grid used if necessary. May be back in concrete when used to support a patio or paver walkway. Cap options available if required. 

      The Quarry Stone Wall blocks are one of our most popular wall block building product. It ties in nicely with the roman paving stone product. it has a hardcrafted ‘tumbled’ appearance, giving an old country feel.

      This product is available in several different colours:

      • Charcoal
      • Antique Brown
      • Desert Buff
      • Old Town
      • Sierra Grey

      All colours are available in four sizes: 4×12 standard, 4×12 radius, 4×4, 4×8 radius

      This is great material for creating retaining walls around your yard. It can be used for steps as well as well as walls to give continuity to the hardscaping in your landscape.

      Other options in wall building products we offer: 4×6 or 6×6 pressure treated wood, rundle or kendle ledge 6-8″ flagstone.

    • Flagstone patio’s, walkways and stepping stones


      Installation: 5” soaked compacted crush base, 1″ crushed rundle, polymeric-sand/rock  finish, edges concreted for additional strength.

      When it comes to flagstone, there are several different choices, depending on your application and environment.

      Flagstone comes in several thicknesses, usually for patio’s, walkways and stepping stones, it is best to go with 1-2″ minimum.

      Some of the types of flagstone are:

      • Rundle (grey)
      • West Coast Brown (varying browns with hints of white/cream)
      • Rocky Mountain Quartz (light brown and grey with high reflective qualities)
      • Kendall Ledge (dark brown and dark grey, with high rust veins)

      This is great material for creating natural hardscapes around you yard, can be bought in varying thickness and sizes including oversize pieces on some types.

      If being used for patio, then usually placed together with least gaps possible, to prevent chair leg and high heel problems.

      Please note: Flagstone is not ‘barefoot friendly‘, should be cautious when used near pools, hot tubs etc or around young children. May cause injuries on sharp edges.

    • Soil


      Installation: 4″ depth (lawn), 12″ plus depth (planting beds). Planting beds graded with slight high center and edges prepped 2 inches lower than hard-surfaces ready for mulch finish. Lawn graded flat with slight slope for drainage (usually 1-2%).

      Nutri-loam is high quality soil for a top quality landscape. It is a mix of:

      10% sand, 40% peat moss, 50% compost and mulch.

      When it comes to creating a landscape, using top quality soil will benefit at many different levels;

      • It contains NO weed seeds
      • Well-draining soil, which is great for plants and turf
      • High organic content, with very little clay

      With this blend of soil, your landscape will thrive for many years to come. High Clay content leads to poor drainage and slow plant growth.

      We believe that by using top quality, well draining premium soil, you get a better landscape all round.

    • Turf

      Premium Dream Turf

      Installation: Turf rolled out in rows, on graded soil and fertilized to increase establish rate.

      Premium Dream Kentucky Blue Grass is a Gold Tag certified product to show its purity.

      This turf blend is a carefully blended mix of

      95% Kentucky bluegrass blend of

      • Nu Destiny
      • Everest
      • Midnight
      • Nu Glade

      5% Red fescue blend of

      • Audubon creeping fescue
      • J-5 Chewing fescue

      This turf is a dense blend that is mowable at between ½” to 3”

    • Irrigation

      Fully Automated Irrigation Systems

      Installation: All pipes to buried at minimum of 4-6″, heads spaced according to head specifications. Lawns, beds, pots and veggie gardens  to be on separate zones, valve-box to situated in ideal accessible location, with shutoff and blowout connection installed on mainline for winterization. Clock to be mounted in central location, or in mechanical room.

      We specialize in creating a fully customized irrigation system only using top products from leading irrigation companies such as Rainbird, Toro, Irritrol and Hunter.

      Our systems include:

      • Irrigation heads (Rotors, Sprays, Microjets, Drip)
      • Valves (complete with manifold)
      • Valve Boxes
      • Mainline Shut-off and blow out connection
      • Automatic Irrigation Controller
      • Pipe (poly or pvc)
      • Wire and Gel Marrets
      • Fittings as your system requires

      Our systems are built with you in mind. This means we under slightly under capacity the zones so you can make minor adjustments with least cost in years to come. We do this because plants grow and things change, this means irrigation heads need to be moved and sometimes added. With a zone that is running a max capacity, you can’t do this and still have a 100% effective system without a huge renovation.

      We also install conduits under hardscapes (when possible) to reduce landscape repair costs in future renovations.

      We offer full installations and existing renovations, along with designs and consults. We are also Irrigation Certified.

    • Lighting

      Fully Automated Low-Voltage Lighting Systems

      Installation: Wire run at same depth as irrigation. Lights built as per Kichler specifications. All connections marreted with gel marrets. Light spikes buried to grade to ensure fixed solid positioning. Clock to be mounted in central location or in mechanical room next to irrigation clock.

      We specialize in creating a fully customized lighting package only using top products from the leading lighting specialist ‘Kichler’

      Our packages can include:

      • Pathway lights
      • Directional Spotlights
      • Down lights (for steps and walls)
      • Up lights (for featuring rocks trees and shrubs)
      • Automatic lighting Controller
      • Wire and Gel Marrets

      Our systems are also built, with you in mind. This means when we run our wire, we take a look at where lights are as well as where they’re not. during the process of installing a new landscape, it is easier to leave loops for later lights now, than tear up the landscape later. We find by doing this it saves you money in the future. 

      We also run wire in  conduits under hardscapes (when possible) to reduce landscape repair costs in future renovations.

      We offer full installations and existing renovations, along with designs and consults.

    • Drainage

      Drainage Systems

      Installation: All pipes to be run with sufficient grade, to allow water to be dealt with effectively. Pipes to buried at 6-8″ below grade, or at a depth not to hinder effectiveness.  

      When it comes to your landscape, one of the first and main things to take into consideration is the drainage. This includes downspouts as well as surface water. Making sure all and any water runs away from your home is a big factor in your landscaping.

      Our systems include:

      • Big ‘o’ pipe
      • PVC pipe
      • Drain boxes
      • French Drains
      • Retaining wall Drainage
      • Driveway Grates

      All of these need to be factored into any landscape, so as to effectively deal with any excess water. Sometimes drainage can be dealt with by grading surfaces to slope any given direction, but it also sometimes requires more in-depth measures. This is when a drainage system needs to be installed for things like downspouts and rainwater.

      Big ‘o’ system

      Big ‘o’ is a 4 inch corrugated black pipe usually used to direct downspout water. Fittings are slip on and taped into place. More runs of pipe required if more than two downspouts are on the side of house.

      1. A single 4″ big ‘o’ will only effectively work for 2 downspouts at a time.
      2. Due to the corrugations in the pipe, the water is slow to fill and exit the pipe.
      3. Dan be unsightly, when above ground attaching to downspout.
      4. Weak structure to run under hardscapes.
      5. Slip on fittings are taped, which can sometimes leak.

      PVC system

      PVC is a white plastic pipe, comes in a range of sizes and fittings. Can be sized according to number of downspouts allowing for more downspouts on on run of pipe.

      1. With the pipe being smooth, it allows water to be directed quicker to exit location.
      2. Stronger  design, allowing for pipe to be run under hardscapes ie driveway, walkways etc.
      3. Rigid pipe, making for  a more complicated costly system, despite being a better product.
      4. Connections can be slip on, or glued. Glued fittings have less tendency to leak but cannot be unattached after they’re fixed.
    • Plants

      Trees, Shrubs, perennials and annuals

      Installation: Each plant planted with love and care to ensure survivability. Rootballs scarified to ensure growth into new landscape, and watered to make for a happy plant.  

      All our plants, trees and shrubs come from

      • Eagle lake Nursery
      • Foothills Nursery

      Both are leaders in the Alberta nursery industry, with many varieties of plants, shrubs and trees with many helpful staff to help and answer any of our plant health, pruning and integrated pest management questions.

      Due to our harsh climate here in Alberta, we also recommend only planting before October. After October, plants will have a hard time getting established, before being plunged into our snow season. By doing this we increase the survivability of your plants and keep the cost of replacement down.