Landscaping Services for the Calgary area

What ever your needs are, we will work with you to give the best materials, quality and creative services, so your calgary landscape lasts for years to come. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Designs and Concepts

One of the first landscape services we offer, is meeting with you and discussing a design. By getting a feel for what you are looking for, we can create your vision and give you the landscape you’ve dreamed of. The design process is the most important part as it allows us to create you a visual representation.

Lawns and Turlandscape services calgaryf

Through careful grading and good quality loam, we install that great lawn. Our turf is a mix of kentucky bluegrass and creeping red fescue. Between top quality turf, nutrient-rich soil and an irrigation system, you’ll have the lawn that Calgary neighbors always dreamed of.

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Trees and Plants

A landscape doesn’t look finished until it is softened with a selection of trees, shrubs and plants. Careful positioning of varying shrubs and perennials with feature trees will give you an explosion of colour and textures to make your landscaping complete.


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The sound of running water can be a pleasant addition to any landscape. Whether your looking for a core-drilled bubbling rock or a large koi pond, we can build it. Core-drilled rocks and ponds can attract all kinds of wildlife from hummingbirds and butterflies to newts and frogs in Calgary.


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Flagstone Patio’s and Walkway’s

Flagstone is a great alternative to any hardscape. The natural aspect of stone coupled with the colours and the random pattern are great for a eye-catching walkway or patio. There are many different types of flagstone to choose, from Rundle to West Coast brown.


Retaining Walls

A wall are a great way to deal with grades and give you some level usable areas. There are many materials in the market, from wood right through to natural stone. Building walls in stone can give character to landscaping when built properly, as well as an old-country feel.


Paving Stone Hardscapes

Paving Stones are becoming more popular as people are realizing the benefits over concrete. They give you the ability to get creative, which is what we like to do. Everyone has a hardscape, let us give you one that stands out from the rest.


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Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Landscaping shouldn’t have to only be enjoyed during the day. By utilizing the right types of outdoor lighting you can enhance your landscaping for night-time appeal. Whether its to light up a walkway, a feature plant or to illuminate a seating area, we have the expertise to make your landscape come together 24/7.

Cedar Fence Calgary

Gates and Fences

By building gates, fences and screens we are able to give you privacy to enjoy your landscape without worrying about all those neighbors around you. There are many styles and choices of materials to choose from when it comes to creating privacy.


Automatic Sprinkler Systems

Once your landscaping is complete, all you need is to water it. With automated sprinklers, we will have every corner of your landscape covered….even those pots on the front porch or the veggie patch in the back corner. We are certified installers, which means you get the the perfect system to suit your landscape needs.


Drainage and Grading

This landscape service is probably one of the most important to take into account when creating a yard. By figuring out what slopes and levels we need we can effectively make sure nothing sits up against your foundation. It can also mean directing rainwater through your landscaping so you don’t even know its there.


Other Landscaping Services Calgary?

If there are some landscaping services not mentioned above, please feel free to contact us as we are always more than willing to accommodate your needs. There is no landscaping service too big or too small, from an entire landscaping construction to mulching a few planting beds or an irrigation fix.